NewFossil specialises in products made in Serua, which includes Fijian historical fictions "the Kaiviti series". Buy your Fijian ebooks here with your credit card via our fully secure hosted payment page.

For our writers, New Fossil is dedicated to providing a low cost way for local writers to get their books to readers anywhere in the world: through e-books.

Initially our main products are the Kaiviti series of books, with three of the five book series available here. These books are historical fictions that span Fiji's 3,300 year documented history of human occupation. These books can be read in any order. Each book contributes to the single story of the series...A Fijian Lord of the Rings.

We also offer other products from the Serua province, NewFossil's base. Book our rental property [including boat] for your Fijian surfing holiday here.

“A work of fiction, [Kaiviti] ... is cleverly intertwined with nuggets from Fiji’s history at the time, testament to the fact that the author has obvious and intimate knowledge about what happened behind the scenes [during the 1987 coups] … Netani Rika, Island Business

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Just remember - e-books is the future. Digital products saves our trees. But if you love collecting books, we do print physical copies from time to time. Contact us.

  • Ancestral

    An artists depication of Dakuwaqa, an important shark deity in Fijian mythology.


Fijian drama series

Breakfast at Fiji One, book launch for "Ancestral: A Fiji Tale" historical fiction novel. Blair discusses his research.

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Kaiviti series author Blair Robertson

A Fijian and NZ citizen, born in Fiji. Blair lives on Fiji's Coral Coast. He writes, films and consults in Fiji and abroad.

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